• Challenge I've got the music in me (ENG)

    Deprived of concerts, of Music Festivals...

    Can't wait to see the musicians and their instruments again.
    In the meantime, I walk the streets, walkman™ in my pocket and headphones on my ears, because I have the music in me!

    I've got the music in me ♫
    I've got the music in me! ♪♪♫

    That's the theme of this month's challenge, which you can decline in any musical genre you like or that inspires you.


    - No tutorials

    - You can use any music related resource (instruments, sound system, various music players, musicians, stars, etc.) except dance hits and dancers.

    - End of the challenge: June 30th

    - For everything else, you are as free as the notes in the air!

    Have fun!